Fall Festival II


Fall festival is this Thursday. We have a Beatles Rock Band game and console being provided but we still need a back up and some guitar controllers. If you know of any please, let me know. I need to make sure everyone is on board as to what is going on. If you are unsure, please email me or come by and talk with me. We are going to have a lot of fun and raise some money for our club. Let's make this a Fall Festival one to remember. Make sure to let everyone know! 

Fall Festival


I have a student of mine who has the whole rock band instrument set and game for Wii. So it is a go! I have talked with Mr. McCall about all that we are doing and he is super excited! You are all doing an excellent job. I am getting a lot of people coming and talking with me about joining so we have a buzz going. Once the school begins to see all that we are doing, people are going to be excited. Keep it up!


Song Lists


Song list for Pop, Rock & Jazz:
1. Brown Eyed Girl
2. Mash up/I'm Yours
3. It Don't Mean a Thing
4. Hanna/2-14/Kim - Rap