Albert and Claudia, congratulations. Flutes are section of the week.

Albert, your dedication to the band (and your cell phone, haha) are apparent. You are one of the individuals I can count on to be at rehearsals and games. Although quite, and not by choice(!), you make a BIG impact on the band. One of only two flutes, you hold your own! In addition, taking up the piccolo was a big help and one that shows growth. I am very proud. Keep it up!

Claudia, your tone and sound is maturing nicely. The flutes section is small but mighty because of your hard work. I have been noticing you trying to balance your school work, practice and games. I know it is hard and I thank you for the sacrifices made. You matter and add to the wonderful sound of band. Thank you! Keep it up!

Great job, flutes! Way to go!


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