This is it! The last game. Seniors, this is your time. Band, this is our night. We are the heart of the school. Let's show everyone our beat!

Please, I need all individuals who will be in the parade at rehearsal tomorrow...ON TIME! We looked amazing today. I am so impressed at how well you all have gotten. BUT, we needed everyone there. Let's do this Cougars. We need to be a band, not 3/5 of a band. It hurts us when we don't have everyone there. 

Tomorrow, let's make the most of our time together and enjoy this last game...and them get ready for the parade! ;) You all have worked so hard, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Band thanks you! Music thanks you! You should all feel very proud of the hard work you ALL have done to make this possible. Tomorrow, let's have fun. Saturday, let's let Apple Valley hear our Cougar roar and WIN!

Go Cougars!


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