Copy of letter sent home to parents:

Dear parents or guardians,

Thank you all for your continued support. I hope your child has been informing you of our successes  (and stumbles). Through it all, I am very happy with the direction we are heading. I spoke with some of you about the nature of band being like a shipping vessel and not a race car. Yet, this group of talented individuals has surprised me at every turn (pardon the pun). They are improving greatly in the short time I have had them. I hope that they communicate this to you. I hope you see this progress.

It is now time to make a commitment for your child’s education. We have been invited to compete in Hollywood, at Universal Studios. We are going with choir, under the direction of Mr. Churchill. It is a once in lifetime opportunity to push the limits of our students. I ask that you join me in leading our students down this path. The cost will be around $400-450, we have begun fundraising already. Our pancake breakfast at Applebee’s is on the calendar. I understand the financial burden that this endeavor requires from the family. Please, I would love it if with your help we can raise enough money to lower this cost down to about $125 per student. With sufficient fundraising, this is possible.

Ask your friends and neighbors if they would like to donate to this cause, talk to people at church, at your work, on the street (kidding), whomever you can and let them know we are seeking funds. We have our tax ID and can give receipts for tax purposes. If we can raise enough money we can add extra days. The festival is in April. We have time but we have to start today.

In order to secure a spot and make a down payment, we require a $25 deposit by October 5th. We have to make our first payment that week. Please, talk with me, as some have, if this will be problem. I want to take EVERY student. We can do this if we work together. Together, we can do anything. We need to inspire our children with our actions, help me do this for your child. Talk with me and help me find a solution, we can make this work.

Again, thank you for your continued support!

Go Cougars!


Javier Alcántara-Rojas

Music Teacher

Phoenix Academy

Granite Hills High School

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