Dear parents or guardians,

Thank you for your continued support. I appreciate your help in the organization of such a complicated endeavor. We are the heart of the school. We are the beat. We have been having a blast at the pep rallies and the crowd has been excited to watch and hear Band and Color Guard. I am very proud of the students. They are moving in the right direction. But now we have to continue, there is ever more work to be done. 

After school practice, you need to be there or bring me a note. It is imperative that you are there. We need everyone there, together. Please, I ask that you make time, ask for help (if you need it), be at practice and not make an excuse. Anyone of us can make an excuse or we can be there. It is our responsibility. It is our choice. You need to ask your self where do you stand on this. Parents, if this is an issue you need to talk with me. I need to hold students accountable for not attending practice and games. I am announcing this formally. Again, if this is an issue, talk with me. Perhaps, band is not the place for your student to be successful. We need to have that conversation. I ask that you contact me if this is an issue.

Pancake fundraiser tickets. There are more ticket left. We need to make sure those tickets are sold. Talk to Vanessa and sign out a sheet of five. Get on it! We need to raise funds so that everyone goes with us to Hollywood. Ohana mean family, it means no one gets left behind. We need to make sure we raise enough money that no one gets left behind. That is our goal. Let's do this!!!

Go Cougars!

More to come...




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