Update: 7/20


Dear All,

I want to thank you for visiting my site! In the coming days you will find information and videos added that will enhance your musical experience. This is new territory and much fine tuning will be required. I ask that you be patient and if you see something amiss, please, bring it to my attention. 

As such, Band Camp will be next week (7/27-31), Monday-Friday, from 8am-12pm. We will be working on rudiments in marching and performance. I want to get a sense of how best I can serve you. Again, please be patient as I learn about all of you and, likewise, you pick up on my eccentricities! ;) I hope to have a fantastic year and look forward to meeting you all and helping you on your musical journey. 

If you have any questions, please drop me an email (teacher@mrjavier.com) or give me a call. My cell phone # is: 760 513 7129 (please leave a msg, I don't always pick up). Go to the comment section and leave me suggestions. I want to ensure that your voice is heard...but you need to speak up first! So please, let me know what I can do to better serve your educational needs. I am here to help.

Javier Alcantara-Rojas


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