I need everyone there. We must have all students accounted for. You all are going to be amazing. I appreciate all of the hard work and commitment from everyone. It is inspiring. Below is a tentative schedule for the week.

Monday, Aug. 31st 4-6 pm (practice)
Thursday, Sep. 3rd 4-6 pm (practice)
Friday, Sep. 4th 2-4 pm (practice)
                        5-9:30(?) pm (Game and performance)

Students and Parents, arrange to have transportation to the stadium. Transportation is not provided. Make sure to pay food fee, please. Or come talk to me. 

Location of game is visitors side at the Newton T. Bass stadium at Apple Valley High School. 
Address: 11837 Navajo Rd
Apple ValleyCA 92307
The entrance for visitors is on Bear Valley. Let me know if you have any questions. 

More to come. Check back often. Post, if you have questions. 


Thank you!


Tomorrow is the last day to vote for festival. Remember to vote. Only individuals who have voted will have their voice heard. Don't lose out.

For today, wow! I am so impressed at how you are sounding. We may be small but we make quite a sound! You are all inspiring for the time and dedication. I wish to reward you for your hard work. I can not do anything with out your help. So, thank you!. 

Keep up the hard work. I know that we are learning new choreography. The Majors and myself are working out some bugs and we appreciate your flexibility. More to come, stay tuned! 

Go Cougars!



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Here it is. Read them over with your parents and let me know which one you want to shoot for. Which one looks the most affordable for all. All of them are great, really. We will have the time of our lives which ever way we choose. It starts today. Cast your vote!

1. Scroll down to "leave a reply" and fill in the information. 
2. Please, include your name. If there is no name, no vote.
3. Rank your top three.
3. Click to submit. 

You're done! :3
Now...get'er done!
Go Cougars!

Thank you!


Dear Band and Parents,

I want to say thank you for enduring through my learning curve. I promise to get better over time, but I will also make mistakes. You all did an excellent job at being flexible and made the most out of the situation...and ate pizza. ;) 

We did great, our football team looks good, and we had fun. Shout out to our amazing Cheerleaders and Drum line, you are going to kill it! To those who were not able to make it, you missed out. These are the moments we need to build in order to be successful. I can understand, but I must also verify. I need letters from parent(s) or guardian(s) as to why you were not there.

Parent(s) or guardian(s), thank you for your support. I have already talked with some of you, and I understand that we all lead busy lives. All that I ask is that if a child is not at practice or games, you write a letter to verify their absence. I would appreciate your continued support in this matter. Thank you!

Band, I am so proud of how great of a start we are having. I want to congratulate our Minors and Majors (haha, Chris). You all have done an outstanding job! Keep it up. We are counting on you. Brass and woodwinds, keep practicing on your "whooing," remember to make the pitch rise and fall, tension and relax, high and low with mouth piece or reed. We need to continue to work on this skill for a few weeks before we really begin to examine tuning. Ask individuals in you section, use a tuner, or ask me but I need everyone on board. If you don't understand, ASK! Please. ;)

Marching, we need to always be serious. Keep our lines straight. Make sure that we are marching as uniform as possible. ALWAYS! It will help us get into a good habit. Don't settle for good enough. We will be watching video to examine ourselves and see how we can get better as a group. Not to be negative to anyone, but to improve our band. We can do this. You are capable. You are amazing. You are Cougars.

Go Cougars! 

I want to thank everyone who participated and made a tremendous effort to get ready. You are all my heroes. Everyone who has talked to me has had nothing but praise for your hard work. Mr. McCall is on board in helping us get the things we need to be successful. We have everything we need...now comes the work. 

This Monday is our first practice. I need everyone there. If you can't make it, come talk to me. I need to make sure that everyone is 100% on board. Check the calendar, regularly. There will be updates and information as it become available to me. 

Student, thank you again for all you do! We are the heart of the school. We have the rhythm and beat. You make me proud to be your director.

Go Cougars!
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Here you go band! Fresh off the press. :) 

Be ready. I have all that we need to be successful. Tomorrow, everyone will know how much fun we have making music. Go Cougars!!!